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akaSwap built the Asia's first and largest NFT open marketplace on Tezos, featuring numerous artworks and projects created by artists around the globe.
Meanwhile, akaSwap is devoted to building a complete ecosystem, offering various original tools for effortless exploration of the Web 3.0 world.
Providing immersive metaverse experience and intuitive virtual curation editor.
akaSwap is the Asia’s first and largest NFT open marketplace on Tezos.
A powerful marketing tool allowing users to claim the artworks without gas fee and wallet creation.
ASMeiR NFT is the first NFT launched by the renowned Asian Mandarin pop singer, Zhang Hui-mei (aMEI). The NFT design is a collaboration with ten well-known Taiwanese blockchain artists. It fetches data from fans' interactions on the event website, aMEI ASMR, to mint unique and exclusive NFT artworks.
"Chaos & AI Research" based on the work "Chaos Research" by artist Aluan Wang, this project further utilizes AI image generating to reshape the art creation process. When the audience uploads photos, AI generated artworks will be minted as the PoA NFTs.
TCA T-Ambassador POA 2023, T-ambassadoris a Taiwan government employment assistance program. Every T-Ambassador who participates in the on-site event will receive a PoA. the NFTs are soulbound token that is non-transferable and cannot be sold.
"All Wishes for the Sun", which is the official PoAT for Nuit Blanche Taipei 2022, in which the accumulated data of people's real time tasks will be coalesced into a tangible sun.
Art Moments Jarkarta 2022, International cooperation with TZAPAC to promote the work of Southeast Asian artists from Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, etc.
S.E.A. Focus Living System: An NFT Show 2023. An NFT showcase in Singapore and curated by Mama Magnet. Visitors can claim a free edition of one of the artworks as PoA and 0.1 tez as a start-up fee.
Karyakarsa Event"OUR FUTURE" 2023, Karyakarsa is a platform helps creators sell their artworks. In "Our Future" event, creators can generate their own claiming page for each of their minted works and easily share to their fans at anytime.
Bentara Budaya, or a cultural envoy, is the cultural institution of Kompas Gramedia. The institution was born to preserve and strengthen Indonesian arts and culture. Bentara Budaya has invited 41 artists to carefully select 102 stunning artworks for a collaboration with akaSwap to release NFTs, enabling collectors to store and own art pieces on the blockchain.
Our team
 Aluan Wang
  • A trailblazer in the field of audiovisual art from Taiwan, has gained international recognition for his compelling fusion of multimedia design and interactive programming.
  • Showcased as the first Taiwanese artist on Art Blocks in 2021, Aluan's work uniquely merges geometric visuals and the dynamic rhythm of electronic breakbeat music, creating a distinctive artistic signature.
 Chiaochun Su
  • 23Design Founder / Director
  • Taiwan Interactive Experience Designers Association (TIEDA) President
  • Taiwan Design Alliance (TDA) Director
  • Chinese Industrial Designers Association (CIDA) Director
  • New York University Interactive Telecommunication Program MPS
 Dennis Sung
  • akaSwap Lead of technical team
  • akaSwap Connect person for technical collaboration
  • Senior frontend engineer
  • Senior Unity AR/VR engineer
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